Can You Run and Host a Successful Telesalon?

Welcome. A Telesalon is the newest most efficient way for authors and experts to grow an online platform using their books. This quiz is to assess your ability to run, manage and promote a successful and profitable Telesalon. Please Note: Even if your answer is filled in, you must physically click your answer.

1.   Do you have a website for your book?

2.   Does your website have a place for you and your fans to interact?

3.   Do you have an email list?

4.   Do you provide value to someone in exchange for their email?

5.   Do you consistently connect with ideal customer?

6.   Do you have at least 10 connections/contacts to assist you in moving your business forward?

7.   Do you have a unique story? Do you have a plan in place to share it with the world in an original, compelling and enthusiastic way?

8.   Have you documented what makes you passionate about your area of expertise?

9.   Do you consistently produce virtual content for your audience?

10.   Do you have a path for how many different ways customers pay you?

11.   Do you currently host virtual events?

12.   Are you currently using social media effectively?

13.   Do you have something unusual or interesting about yourself?

14.   Do you have an audio and content marketing strategy?

15.   Do you have a training program that you provide for your customers? Geek